India being one of the fastest growing IT service providers in the world today, the demand for people is far greater than the available talent pool. There is a genuine case to outsource the hiring of permanent employees to an external agency that possesses the competence and the bandwidth to do so.

EmWare as a Professional Recruiter

EmWare resource requirement fulfillment service is a natural extension of its core business, which is It services. The Company recruits aggressively for its ongoing business needs and extends its experience and established recruitment channels to serve other companies as well.
EmWare, trains its own consultants with extensive recruitment training, experience and a proven track record of success. Experienced recruiters are located across the country and possess a solid skills matrix to match the right candidates with the right jobs
The process of candidate sourcing is continually updated by new recruitment methods supplemented by industry and market knowledge.

Direct Hire

  • Recruiting strategy focused exclusively on identification of passive candidates
  • Recruiting teams specifically trained and dedicated to direct hire
  • Time sensitive response to client needs
  • Extensive candidate screening and qualification process
  • Uncompromised quality in matching candidates submitted to job descriptions
  • Confirmation of quality of candidates through skill tests, reference checks and thorough background checks
  • Value added service at a reasonable fee
  • Quality of service guaranteed