On-Load Tap Changer (OTC)

OTC is developed to meet the Voltage Fluctuations and to have regulated Power Supply to the all kind of Electrical Loads by using Solid State Devices.
OTC has got two kinds of versions to work with single phase and three phase supplies. OTC comprised of state of the art Solid State Devices like data acquisition circuit, microcontroller, thyristors, firing module, pulse transformers, driver, relays, rectifier circuitry etc. to have smooth control.

Home Automation Over PSTN

This product is designed to control the home appliances like geysers, microwave ovens, ACs, Refrigerators etc. over PSTN Telephony.
When the user dials the home telephone number, it waits for 8 rings and enters into IVR mode. Then it administrates for password and authenticates and allows the user to have control over the Home appliances.

Power Line Data Transmission (PLDT)

PLDT is designed to transmit the data over the existing power lines having voltage ranges from 440 Volts (3 Ph) to 6.6KV (3 Ph) thus eliminating the extra lines for the access and control over the remote equipment. The data transfer takes place at a speed of 10Kbps to 30Kbps.

Protocol Converter

Protocol Converter is designed in such a handy way that converts different serial protocols from one to the other like USB1.0, USB1.1 and USB 2.0 versions, UART (Serial Communication), SPI, I2C and PARALLEL etc.

Check Post Automation

This product is designed to facilitate the Check Post Offices for their acknowledgement of Trucks, Heavy vehicles, Transport Vehicles and goods vehicles passing over that check post automatically over a distance of half a mile.
Vehicles built-in with this product, while passing over the check post passes their information like Vehicle Number etc. to the Receiver inside the check post office. As and when it receives Receiver checks with the data base and opens the gate to pass the vehicle.